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As an OEM Embedded ISV partner, we are supposed to prevent end users on our Force solution from accessing the standard CRM components  -- and access to the CRM components and the App Exchange can be a bit confusing for a true OEM end-customer who does not always associate our app with Salesforce.


Is there a way to keep the standard SFDC header with std tabs & our custom logo--yet remove the Force.com logo and the app drop down list on the right hand side of the screen?


From reading resources, it seems this can be done with Visualforce but looks like an all or nothing effort meaning that VF pages would have to be created to re-create all of the standard page functionality...with new logo/image changes.


I know VF can drop the standard header using the showHeader='false' but is there a way to easier way keep the standard header yet edit it?


Any advice on the best way to accomplish this is welcome... Thanks in advance.