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Hi All,


I have a requirement to make few Fields mandatory in the intermediatory Convert Layout of the Lead tab. I was searching for a solution as to how to modify the code for "Convert" functionality. Please help me on this by providing any code snippets as to how to begin the coding.


My Queries are:


1.) Can a Trigger be written on the Convert button and be addressed as  "Before convert" some thing like that.


2.) Please throw light on how to design a custom button , which on click performs the exact functionality as Convert Lead.


3.) Please provide information about "ConvertLead" function. I happened to see this kind of discussion on the boards, Hope i am right with that.. Please provide me with a snippet as to how to customise that functionality.


4.) How do i append any custom field information filled while conversion (a mandatory field while converting) to the opportunity name,like  "Opportunity name : opportunity-myfield name".


Please help me with this , help is urgently needed.




Does anyone know how I'd go about creating a trigger to convert a lead to an account contact and oppty, based upon a field in the lead?  For example, A lead score of > 30, I'd like to trigger the lead to automatically convert, and kick off a notification email. 


Has anyone done this before?