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Hey folks,


New to Salesforce and the community; I'd appreciate help on a cross object formula field problem.


I've set up a custom field in my Opportunities area as a name lookup to link the opportunity to a specific contact at the target company.  I'd like that lookup to also pull the mailing address, phone number and email for the contact into the opportunity record.


I was able to use simple cross object formula fields to pull the phone and the email by using the format ("custom lookup field name"__r.Phone) and ("custom lookup field name"__r.Email), but I can't see to get it to work for ("custom lookup field name"__r.MailingAddress).


I've tried various iterations of the MailingAddress (Mailing Address; Mailing; Address; Mailing_Address) but all deliver syntax errors.


Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


Thanks for your help.