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Hi All


I have been asked to amend our salesforce and am unsure of the best way to do it


I have an object call "Voucher" with a dropdown list called CODE of all the current voucher codes. Long story short, the voucher has a master lookup to an account.


I want it so when we create a new voucher code record the user will select from the picklist the code and that picklist value can only be used once. If it has been used against another account the use cant save the record








Hi All


I am still very green when it comes to apex and need some help whilst I try and get up to speed.


I am a salesforce consultant that is looking to create a Trigger that allows me to do the following;


  • Create a task, completing a custom field called Status.
  • There is an identical field on the account objectRelate to an account.
  • When I save the task I would like it to update the {!account.Status} to be updated with the most recent {!task.status__c} value.

I have come across a similar post from 2009 but can't seem to make it work..So I have reached the stage where I am going round and round in circles....Any help would be greatly appreciated.....Can't wait until I am up to speed with apex, but until then I am afraid I will be bugging the salesforce community boards for a little longer


Thanks in advance





I am contracted as a consultant with a company and as such am a ADM CON chap not really a DEV.


I have been asked a question and felt it was perfect for the DEV community.


" I understand we need to watch two areas, future calls (calls made by triggers) and external calls to the API i.e.. The number of times we connect to SF to pull or push data within a 24 hour period.


Do you know what the upper limits are for these and what our options are to extend them?"


Without breaching privacy laws they have 3 external DB that feed into the 1 MasterDB. This master database is used to sync the 3 external DB with Salesforce.


In addition to the above they have a SSID connection that drives their own custom version of the Client Portal using one Enterprise license  as API Only User



Their concerns are that they may reach limits if they integrate anymore processes to feed from the previously mentioned "MasterDB" and as demonstrated by the underlined question above.


I did find the below link but would like some advise, to make sure I understand the question and have access to the correct information





Hi Guys and Gals


I am new to apex and am trying to insert a Print button on the top of the page. I thought I understood the concept but obviously not....

I have been trying


      <apex:commandButton value="Print" action="{!Print}"/>


but i get the following error


Error: Unknown method 'AccountStandardController.Print()' 


Any help would be great

Hi Guys and Gals


This is my first post so be gentle.


I have an issue I am trying to work around with contact roles on cases.


When on a case, there is a user lookup field that when populated you are able to see from within that particular contacts related list that they are related to that case.


I understand the contact roles are designed to be an independent linking object displaying on that individual case what a contacts role on that record is. So in other words a stand alone piece of information only relevant on that individual case...




I have a client that can have many different contacts assigned to one case. I need to be able to devise a way so when in a contact I am able to see what case this contact is assigned to regardless of them being the main contact or contact role.


Is this something that can be done in apex. (if it is possible and straight forward enough, I can get some apex guys involved at work)


OR - has anyone else experienced the problem and found a clever way round?



Thanks in advance

 I have two users with exactly the same Profile and Group assigned, but one user is able to edit Activities in an Account and the other is given a message stating they have insufficient user privileges.

Does anyone know why this would happen and how to solve it?

Thanks in advance.