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I need new Cases in SFDC to instantiate a new ticket in our SBM (Serena TeamTrack/Mashups) system.  Serena has a published demo solution (Case-to-Issue Mashup).  That  demo is not acceptable because data is not encrypted, which is a requirement.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a possible solution, or where I can go to find one?  My proposed solution would use Web Services.  Mashups exposes a a Web Services interface, and we can handle SSL encrypted SOAP packets, but can SalesForce send SSL encrypted requests?  Is this a viable approach?


Thanks in advance.

First question: What forum would be apropos for asking this.  I'm new here....


Actual problem:

I exported the Enterprise WSDL and tried to import it into an existing Serena Mashups (2009R2) application.  Mashups gave me an error "The Web Service cannot be used by the Application Engine because it contains a recursive type definition" and refused to complete the import.  No other diagnostics.