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Hi All - What are ways to implement a modal dialog in a visualforce page. The window.showModalDialog()seems to be working only in firfox and IE. My requirement is :

1. open a an account record (in the page layout I have an inline visualforce page with zero height)

2. based on a field value say, Account_Activated__c (checkbox), a modal window should open up (if the value is false).

3. In the modal dialog there should be two buttons saying "Yes" and "No".

4. If  "Yes" is selected, the field is updated with a true value otherwise its not updated.


This could be done using a standard javascript confirm() dialog, but in this case we cannot customize the buttons. They'll always say "Ok" and "Cancel".


I tried using jQuery but the dialog was not opening because it the visualforce page height is zero on the standard page layout of account.


Any help is highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

  • September 13, 2010
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Hi Everybody, i was not sure where to put this query so posting it here..Can we use metadata api in AJAX toolkit.

normally we have access to almost all the api calls that is normally posible using web services api, but is it the same case for metadat api?


any response is appreciated.. :)

I am geeting this very wierd error while deploying a package from one sandbox to other. The package contains just a field of User object.


Following is deployment log:

   File Name:    objects/User.object
   Full Name:  User
   Action:  NO ACTION
   Result:  FAILED
   Problem: Entity cannot be untracked.


Any help is highly  appreciated.


Happy Clouding ....


I have scenario where I need to check existance of record in some custom  Object1 for each insertion of  records in another Custom  Object2 depending on 2 fields Combination  values.
There is another custom junction object exist between these objects which have a relation with both the object.
So, I need to check whether a record exist in Custom Object1 for specific combination of values inserted in custom object2.If exist I need to upadte the record in the Custom object1  with a field value of custom object2 .If not I have to insert a new record for those Combination field values in custom object1.

As the Combination of values to be checked is more it is becoming quite cumbersome and leading to use of lots of maps and list.

Can anyoone share a code or suggest how this could be acheived.



I am reading the cookbook , i am finding a difuculty to install soqlxplorer , Could you please guide me?


i have downloaded but could not find an option to install it and locate the applicaliton folder.

I'm looking into making a google gadget (or rather an atlassian gadget for jira) and was thinking of getting data from salesforce using the AJAX Toolkit. However, when I try to use it, I get "405 Method not allowed" because the connection.js tries to load "/services/Soap/u/17.0" and that is residing on the salesforce server and not the server where the gadget is.


Has anyone tried using the Toolkit from outside salesforce in for example an google gadget or some html page with javascript?


Would love to hear how you've done it!