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Hi fellow "Force" users.


I have been trying to locate the solution to this issue for a few days now -

without success.


I would need a formula for a  validation rule to provide the following:

When a user wants to change the sales stage to a higher probability,

a new checkbox appears or is activated (easier to do than the former I think),

which needs to be a required field.

The new sales stage an only be saved if this required box is checked.


Any suggestions on such a formula(s)  (checkbox appears + checkbox is required +

error message when checkbox is not checked) 

would be highly appreciated.


(Making a checkbox required via page layout apparently is not possible)


Thanks a million in advance !






We're trying to implement a 10-stage Opportunity process modeled by 10 Opportunity Stage values that trigger various Workflow Rule Email Alert notifications to sales, legal, and fulfillment reps and managers. 

Our two challenges are:

1) Only allowing reps (users with Profile = "Profile A") to access use certain Opportunity Stages and not others

Some of our Opportunity Stage values reflect manager approvals and should never be selected by reps.  We tried implementing Approvals to faciliate only managers moving Opps to these Stage values, but have found the Approvals feature to be clunky.  Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to have an Approval record be submitted when a rep selects the Opportunity Stage that proceeds the approval step - rather, the Approvals feature only seems to allow for manual submission of approvals via the Approvals related list.  We can't figure out how to assure that Approvals are always submitted and/or assure that Opportunity Stage values reflecting approval steps are selected prior to post-approval Opportunity Stage values being selected.

2) Making sure that each Opportunity Stage is reached individually before Closed/Won or Closed/Lost

Since each of our Opportunity Stage values denotes important internal steps to fulfill an Opportunity in our organization, we need our reps to step through each Stage value in sequence.  We can't figure out a way to avoid allowing reps to bypass Stage values.

Any help greatly appreciated.
  • August 29, 2007
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