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Currently, I am working on a POV for one of my customer.

I have a webservice hosted by a third party provider and I try to invoke this web service. So I have loaded the WSDL into Force.com (including SOAP Headers and SOAP Faults) and the APEX calsses has been created. This is working fine as long as I do not recieved a SOAP fault.


When the Web Service is returning a SOAP Fault, a callout exception is generated. I try to find a way to get that SOAP fault in the associated object genereted automatically but I cannot find how.


Is there a way to get the SOAP Fault into the SOAP Fault object generated when importing the WSDL? If not is there at least a way to retrieve to full SOAP message that was recieved?



Karolinski Stéphane

Two questions: 

If I call an external web service from an Apex class, how can I detect if that service sends back a SOAP fault? 


If I create a web service in Apex to be called from outside Salesforce, can I send a SOAP fault response back to the caller?