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Many people were asking about a dynamic approval, where next approval is determined using role hierarchy or some other logic. Just blogged on the issue, hope it helps.



Taking a big leap here but isn't it easier if I am able to send email using gmail api through salesforce.com? That way i can bypass the salesforce email limit and send many emails.


Its just an idea, but does anyone has any implementation for this? Is it feasible? 


Also, my actual issue is, I am reaching max email invocation limit in production looking for alternative, any thoughts???

Hi I have a simple task at hand, if the value remains in any one state for more than 24 hours, I want to notify the owner of followup.


However, isChange(Value) does not work on condition, unless it is everytime record is created or edited and time-based workflow is not fired on the values in this condition.


Any way I can achieve this?

Hi All,

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to look at my post.

I have  vf page that was working very nicely until recently (maybe until spring '11 was launched?). Now, when the user fires an event that calls an actionFunction, the apex method is not being called. I put an actionStatus component into the page to show the status, and it does show the start and stop text, but the debug log shows output appropriate for pageload, not for the method referenced in the actionFunction tag.

Action Function Tag:


<apex:actionFunction status="counterStatus" name="renderField" action="{!renderField}" immediate='true' rerender="taskInfoDisplay, descInfo,fundraisingInfo, sysInfo, editButtons">
  <apex:param name="fieldToShow" value=""/>



Apex Method:


public void renderField(){
		System.debug('in renderField');
		fieldToEdit = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('fieldToShow');
		isEdit = true;
		System.debug('the field to edit is: ' + fieldToEdit);



Sample Calling Code:


<apex:outputLabel ondblclick="renderField('Priority')"  value="Priority"/>



Does anyone have any ideas as to why this would no longer work?




  • March 13, 2011
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I have a VF page (called prodinfo ). 


On Sandbox

- Accessing as regular VF page (URL looks like http://xxxxx/apex/prodinfo)

- - - HTML version output - works fine

- - - PDF version output (by just adding 'renderas="pdf" in the page tag) - works fine


- Accessing as Sites page (after setting up a site to refer to this page. URL looks like http://xxxxx.force.com/prodinfo)

- - - HTML version output works fine

- - - PDF version output (by just adding 'renderas="pdf" in the page tag) - works fine


On Production

- Accessing as regular VF page (URL looks like http://yyyyy/apex/prodinfo)

- - - HTML version output - works fine

- - - PDF version output (just by adding 'renderas="pdf" in the page tag) - works fine


- Accessing as Sites page (after setting up a site to refer to this page. URL looks like http://yyyyy.force.com/prodinfo)

- - - HTML version output (regular page tags etc.) works fine

- - - PDF version output (just by adding 'renderas="pdf" in the page tag) - FAILS with the dreaded InMaintenance error.


There is not change to code other than to add and remove the renderas clause.


As soon as I remove the renderas="pdf" part on the page, the VF page on production accessed as a Sites page shows up fine.


Any help / information / pointers greatly appreciated.




HI Everyone,


public class TestPage
     public String id{get; set;}
      Boolean userIdNotFound = false;
    List<opportunitywrapper> opportunityList = new List<opportunitywrapper>();//for opportunity
        List<opportunity> selectedopportunity = new List<opportunity>();//for opportunity
        public List<opportunitywrapper> getopportunity()
            for(opportunity o : [select Id, Name from Opportunity Where id =:ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id')])
            opportunityList.add(new opportunitywrapper(o));
            return opportunityList ;
         public PageReference getSelectedopp()
            for(opportunitywrapper oppwrapper: opportunityList)
            if(oppwrapper.selected == true)
            return null;
        public List<opportunity> GetSelectedopportunity()
            return selectedopportunity;//Update Account here
            return null;
        public class opportunitywrapper
        public opportunity opp{get; set;}
            public Boolean selected {get; set;}
            public opportunitywrapper(opportunity o)
                opp= o;
            selected = false;


The above code is working fine when i give any opportunity id on the url to get the opportunit name.

My problem is that when i get the records in list i dnt want to show them on the page and update the account associated with that opportunity.


Please help on this as i am new to the salesforce.

Thanxs in advance




I've been going out of my mind trying to find the information I'm looking for, so hopefully someone can help me out. I see that when a user converts a Lead to an Account/Opportunity, the attachments (Notes & Attachments section) from the Lead transfer over to the Account. I need to be able to do the same between Opportunities and a custom object I built.


I'm familiar with passing values through a URL - I am using this function to pass data into the custom object at creation presently - but I don't see how to pass attachments. Can somone please give me some idea of how to do it?


If it's easier, it would be even better if I could set up attachment upload areas within the custom object that would intersperse the attachments in various areas around the custom object layout. (The client doesn't really like having to batch everything in one area for this giant layout.) I'm attaching an image so you can see what I have in mind.


My law firm is set up with Enterprise Edition and I have created Custom Tabs.  I am wondering how I can set up Leads to when I am ready to convert them, I can convert them to my custom tabs, not just to Contacts, Accounts and Tasks.



Hi all -


Can you please suggest a starting point for learning required code - APEX/Visualforce (or another method) for enabling drag and drop functionality on the front-end - for users and even internal staff. For example, if creating a blueprint and have objects such as walls, roof, chiminey, ... and wanted to pick each object up and move to respective place...


Please let me know if you need any more information.







I'm a bit new to Salesforce.com.


I'm trying to change the sender email and name for any email notification that is being sent out from salesforce in case of an auto-assignmenet, auto-response or workflow scenario.


Is there a way to configure this in Salesforce without having to write any apex code?






I want to convert leads to an opportunity. Please let us know how to map between the Lead's Custom Fields to Opportunities Standard fields and Lead's Standard Fields with Opportunities Custom Fields.



  • March 07, 2011
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In this link, delete method is there, but when I m using this method with custome object, it is not working.

Is there any replacement for this functionality over there?

  • March 07, 2011
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I need to select all acounts that the current user is the owner or accounts where the current user is in the accountteammember.



This is the code that I am testing in ForceIDE


select a.id, a.ownerid, a.name from account a where a.ownerId  =  '0056000010dFwAAI' or  a.id in (select b.accountid from accountteammember b where b.userid = '00560000001188cAAA' )


Ideally this is what I want to use:

select a.id from accounts a where a.OwnerId = \''+UserInfo.getUserId()+'\' or  a.id in ( select accountID from accountteammember where  userid  =  \''+UserInfo.getUserId()+'\'


I receive the follwing error message "Malformed Query:  Semi join sub selects are not allowed with the 'or' operator.


I would appreciate any guidance.


Thank you.



In the standard system, the approval process set up allows only a single approver at every level unless we choose to add multiple approvers via the related user field.


We would like to have a dynamic approval process where there are multiple approvers for a request at every level. These approvers have to be dynamically populated with the users defined under a specific role/group. Please advise how this is possible in SF and whether i can use the "Visual Process Manager" to acheive this.


Thank you !

  • November 18, 2010
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I tried to create a new account at developer.force.com, but when I login and go to setup, I don't see an option to create a sandbox under DataManagement. Also, I don't see sample apps like volunteerforce which I used to see with my previous developer account. Strangely in the apps dropdown list, I see apps like marketing, call center etc.


My current developer account has an option to create sandbox. I don't see any difference in the way I created these two accounts. How do I get the sandbox option for this new account?


One difference I see is, the new account has the user profile of "system administrator" where as the current account is in the profile "platform system admin". This "platform system admin" profile is not there in the new account's manage users menu


Thanks for any help regarding this

Hey guys,

trying to write a very simple trigger. I need to keep track of all the people in an account under the age of 18. I figured easiest way to do this was have a trigger attached to contacts, that says whenever a contact inserted, updated, or deleted to find all contacts in the same account as the one we are modifying that are under the age of 18 and update the counter on the account.


Just in the sake of efficiency I have a few questions.


1) How can I tell how many rows were returned in a query? I don't really need the data in the query, just how many rows it returned. Seems wasteful to do a loop to count the records.


2) Can I update an object without selecting it first? For example, I need to update the account, I already know the Id of the account to update because it is on the contact. I am simply updateing a field, and it seems inefficient to have to select the account object with it's own query before I am able to update it. However it says I cannot specify the ID of a contact object.


Here is my code.

(Yes I know its not bulk safe, I still don't understand how to code in that style)



trigger UpdateNumberOfChildrenCounter on Contact (after insert, after update, after delete)
//The account object we will be updateing. The same account as the one the contact is in.
Account contactAccount = new Account();
//All the contacts in the given account under the age of 18
Contact allAccountContacts = new Contact();

//Find all people in this account under the age fo 18. Don't need any data,
//just the number of them there are.
allAccountContacts = [select Id From Contact Where AccountId =:Trigger.new[0].AccountId and age__c < 18];

//This line tosses an error because "field is not writeable". Well I am just
//trying to do an update.
contactAccount.Id = Trigger.new[0].AccountId;

//I don't know the syntax for getting the number of records a query returns, so I
//am using .recordCount as a place holder.
contactAccount.Number_of_Children__c = allAccountContacts.recordCount;

//Update the accoutn object.
update contactAccount;



 Thanks a bunch for any help. I know it is all totally novice stuff.


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