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I need advice how to work around an issue i am having with merging Salesforce information to a mail merge template created in word.


I have created a mail merge document for opportunities.  The mail merge fields used in the document have information for some contacts but not all.  For the contacts that do not have that information, a line appears in the document.


for example: The field "business name" some contacts have a business name and some don't.  The mail merge template includes the field "business name" so that the name will appear for the contacts who have a business name.  However the contacts that do not have a business name a line appears.


Usually in Word/Excel mail merges, if the mail merge document calls for a field in excel, and the excel field is blank, the document skips over the field.

for example: mail merge document - "Contact name", "contact business name", "contact phone number"

If the field "contact business name" is empty in excel it would appear in the word document: "Mrs. Lande, 614 4522"  and if the field "contact business name" is empty in salesforce it would appear "Mrs. Lande, __________, 614 4522"


How can I remove the line so that it will appear like in excel?

  • September 05, 2010
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