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i hv a requirment for sending fax to customer.so can it possible without integration of third party.

if it only possible through 3rd party which is the best tool  i need to use .please suggest me ..




  • June 16, 2009
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SF doesn't fax. But it will email, and there are 3rd party email2fax services out there (efax, etc.).


But the 3rd party email2fax services don't work with SF email headers. They can't verify that the email is coming from one of their paid customers, so they reject the email.


Does anyone know email technicalities well enough to make an educated guess as to whether implementing SF Email Relay would resolve this issue? If I use SF Email Relay, would my SF emails generate email headers that look exactly like the headers I get if I send an email through my email client?

Can I Integrate my Fax machine with Salesforce.
i.e. Whenever a Fax comes to my personal number,it must capture the Senders Fax no. and search for my Contacts who matches with the Fax No. and must open the Contact.
Don't know if this is the right place to ask but I'll try... Is it possible to send a fax from a case, just like an email?
Thanks in advance,
Hi folks,

My client wants to send efax within salesforce.com's interface. I know some efax services providers. But none of them provide sales force integration. Does any one know a efax servise provides SF.com integration? does SF.com provide this service?