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Is this even possible? How would I go about adding a button that links to my web app and passes the contact info?


I am creating an AppExchange app which requires the user to follow a lengthy installation guide, adding new fields to page layouts, buttons, and setting up some security settings.   I am looking to automate these steps to make the installation as quick and painless as possible.


Is this something that can be accomplished via the API?  Can I add fields and buttons to page layouts via the API?  Or does anyone have a better idea of how to accomplish this?



  • November 03, 2010
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We are currently developing an Apex application to be packaged and listed in the AppExchange directory.

Our application contains custom buttons associated with the Account, Case, Contact, Lead, Opportunity objects.

Before we created the package, we added the custom buttons to their respective page layouts (Account, Case, Contact, Lead, Opportunity) in our development organization where the application was developed.


After we installed our managed package in one of our sandboxes, we found out that the custom buttons were not displaying in the respective sandbox page layouts.


We tried adding the custom buttons manually, after the installation, by customizing the layout of the respective pages and drag-and-dropping the custom buttons.

However, we found out that this action did not have an organization-wide effect. By logging with a different user, we would not see the custom buttons in the respective page layouts that had been added by another user.


So our questions are:


1) Can the installation of a managed package also add custom buttons to the page layouts of the target organization?


2) If not, how should proceed the user performing the installation in order to manually add the custom buttons to the respective layouts, in a way that the action has an organization-wide effect (all users of the organization would see the custom buttons)?


We do not want to settle with a solution where, after package installation, each and every user of the organization would have to add manually the custom buttons.