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i need to  display the selected picklist value in a text field.

I tried for the above requirement in the following way ...and stuck up in the middle..... please suggest as how to move ahead...


<apex:page controller="accountcontroller">


<apex:inputText  value="{!name}"/>

<apex:commanButton value="submit" action="{!submit}"/>




public class accountcontroller()


public String name{set;get;}

public void setname(String name)


this.name = name;


public pagereference submit()


list<Account> mylist = new list<Account>();

mylist = [select name from Account where name like :name+'%'];


public accountcontroller()




how to get the field values  of the product related to a particular opportunity

in  a visual force page ?the controller used for the visual force page is the standard controller(opportunity).

i find errors when  tried out this way.....


<apex:page standardcontroller = "opportunity">

<apex:outputfield value="{!opportunity.name}"/>

<apex:outputfield value="{!opportunity.product2.name}"/>


how to create a visual force  page for a custom object using custom controller?

how to create a vf page for a custom object using custom controller?