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Is there a way to hide the header other than in a visual force page?  Meaning, if I don't want to override the page using VF just hide the header, is there a way to do it?  Help!

Stay-in-Touch is promising and has a lot of potential for our organization, particularly for our Managers who want to ensure we have up-to-date information for our Contacts.


However, it is still very limited due to the inability to customize the forms and remove the annoying "powered by Salesforce.com" links on the page at which the Contact arrives. 


As much as we like the concept, we cannot bombard our Contacts with Salesforce.com ads when asking them to provide us with even more (or updated) information.  The look and feel of the web form does not even allow us to put our company logo on the form.  It's quite frustrating.


I have already promoted an Idea, but have my doubts Salesforce will do anything with it.


I'm curious if other organizations / developers have done anything with Visualforce and/or Mass Communication templates and/or Sites to mimick this type of functionality.  Basically, we would like the ability to mass-email existing Contacts asking for updated information, direct them to a web form that we design, and have the data from those fields overwrite existing values on the corresponding Contact record in SFDC.


Does this sound like it is possible, and if so, how would you approach this?  If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.