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Hello Experts, I need to create the attached look and feel for senior management review reporting. I am using visualforce page and am able to create most of it using Apex - however, I need your help on how can I create two pageblocksection on the same row - see Update on Relationship & Voice of Customer in the attached?

User-added image

I have a circumstance where I want to used the <apex:tabPanel component of visualforce, but instead of using a related list as the data in the tab I'd prefer to use a visualforce page.


For Example:  Below we have the Account page Tabbed, however I would like to make one of the tabs like the ones below,  open in a Visualforce page which has some tabled data that is called in through a custom controller. I am able to re-produce the typical Tabbed Account, but I do not know how to make one of the tabs open a visualforce page in the tab. Is this possible and how would I accomplish this? Any help would be appreciated.



The Visualforce Page Editor, displaying an account detail page



I need some help creating a custom formula field that will auto populate the industry text area based on the account page industry selection associated with the opportunity.  I have a Opportunity page layout that I need to link the industry fields together on, but I have no idea how to get the formula written to have that data from the industry field on the account page to pull into the opportunity page.  Can anyone help me with this?


Thank you