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we are using the migration tool and Ant for the deployment. Today I wanted to retrieve and deploy only Search Layouts for two custom objects. This should be possible as Search Layouts are a supported component type. That is what the documentation says (http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/daas/Content/daas_package.htm#component_types).


But in contrast to the documentation it was not possible to retrieve the Search Layouts for my custom object because the component type is not known to the meta data API:
[sf:retrieve] package.xml - Unknown entity:SearchLayouts


I also tried to list all components for that metadata type using <sf:listMetadata> but got a similar error message:
com.sforce.ws.SoapFaultException: INVALID_TYPE: Unknown type:SearchLayouts


At last I did a describe metadata types using <sf:describeMetadata> and found out that the component type SearchLayouts is not listed in the result file.


I did some tests for other 'supported component types' according to the documentation and found out that it's the same for the following types. They all are NOT supported:

  • Picklist
  • SearchLayouts
  • Weblink
  • and so on (you can check that out by your own)


It would be great if Salesforce could enable the functionality for all component types that are listed in the documentation. Or remove this types from the doc.



Hi All,


I have a use case in which user with different locale can access the VF page.

On this VF page I have some number calculation using JavaScript this number field are directly bind with SF object fields.

So whenever user with different locale access this page the bind number field display format is changed and result in improper calculation.


For example, a number that we would write in the US as "1,250,500.75" would be written differently in different countries: "1.250.500,75" in Germany, "1 250 500,75" in France, and "1'250'500.75" in Switzerland, and "125,0500.75" in Japan.


Any thoughts or workaround would be appreciated


Thanks in advance.





I am following an Account and want to be notified whenever a new Opportunity is created for that account.  Is that available out of the box with Chatter?  It seems somewhat obvious but I can't find an FAQ or discussion board entry on it.


If this is not available today, would an apex Trigger be the way to create such functionality?