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Hello all,


I'm new to the forum, to the cloud concept and to SalesForce, all together, so bear with me if what I'm asking doesn't make too much sense.


I have a requirement to pull/read, 3 tables used by the Chatter feature, down to our data warehouse. However, I do understand these are new tables and there are some issues associated with reading from them.


The tables that I'm trying to read are:






Our current solution, DBAmp (From ForceAmp - http://www.forceamp.com/) cannot see these 3 tables.


Since we are a Microsoft shop, we also tried to leverage SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services, ETL Tool) to perform this task and again, SSIS is not able to see these 3 tables either. We tested SalesForce SSIS connectors from Pragmatic Works and CozyRoc, but none of them seems to allow us to see these tables.


I guess the only other solution will be writing a custom .NET code to perform this task, but we want to stay away from that.


Is anyone running through this same scenario? Have you guys been able to read these tables? Can anyone offer me some help on this? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Best regards,

-Igor Santos