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The ID for custom fields in salesforce begins with a number. When using Internet Explorer, when we use web-to-lead & try to pass information from a form into salesforce, the custom field information does not get passed. Other information (oid, first name, last name) gets passed fine. And when using Firefox, Chrome or Safari, all information passes through correctly (although in these browsers, we are using ajax/javascript to submit the forms, as opposed to using the standard form action method=POST in IE).

In our HTML <form>, we use <input> elements (type=hidden), where the name & id attributes are equal to the salesforce custom field ID. However, starting an id or name attribute with a number is improper HTML (according to the w3c).
We have also tried using the custom field name in salesforce, but that did not work in IE either.

What's weird is that some of the fields are passing through (oid, first name, etc.), and the lead is being created, but we are still missing a few of our custom fields.

Is there a way to change the custom field IDs in salesforce to begin with a letter instead of a number? We'd like to try that.

Or if you have other/better suggestions, we'd really appreciate it.