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I have to do a lot of work with Salesforce data in Excel which is case-sensitivity challenged. I understand how to derive the 18 character ID from a 15 character ID, but I can't do that for hundreds or thousands of records one-by-one. I saw some posting about a plugin for Excel in the subject title which discussed a function called "GetID18". I thought the posting implied that this was an Excel plugin, but I can't find anything else about it.
Is this part of the Excel Connector? Where do I get the Excel Connector- it's not listed on the App Exchange. IS there is ANY kind of solution for this problem available anywhere? Please, somebody, let me know.
I am trying to display the 18 character key for campaigns in the campaign layout using a formula field for easy access to the full key, but using "Id" in the formula field only returns the 15 character key.

Can someone help me here?

Thank you in advance.

We have the situation that accessing SalesForce using webservices returns 18 char object IDs while using some of the other tools, eg. "Weekly Export Service", return 15 char IDs. What is the correct way in Java code to check if a 15 char ID refers to the same object as the 18 char ID? Is it simply a string prefix match or do we need to use some more complicated logic?

  • June 01, 2004
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