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hello friends i created a package (unmanaged) it is successfully created when i going to install that package it shows errors and help me how to create the managed packages i having one doubt package supports reusability or not we can use already existing package into our appliactions or not plz send this info my mail tharak.may12@gmail.com

I have a file that has around 300 records that needs to be processed daily. Each record has a custom Id and other attributes that need to be updated. My original approach was to lookup each record individually to find the Salesforce Id and then do the update. It appears that I'm running into api limits with this approach.


Second thought was to lookup multiple records at once using something like:


SELECT Id, ThirdParty_ID FROM Lead WHERE ThirdParty_ID IN ('ID10124' , 'ID10359' , 'ID10548')
I'd like to know the most efficient way / best practices to lookup multiple records using the web service api to limit my api calls?


I'm sure this question has been asked from time to time, but I could not find the answer with my search strings:
Is there a specified execution order of apex triggers, workflow rules and validation rules?
I have some problems that depend on this execution order and need to know in wich squence these were executed.

Thanks for your help!