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I looked for, but could not find anyone doing a WCF-based salesforce client library.


We've started creating one but surely there have been many robust client libraries for .NET integration to SalesForce built over recent years? Where can I find such a thing?


By way of example, here are a couple features I'd like to see:


- Automatic handling of login()

       don't make me have to include calls to login/logout in my application code. Login could be implicit, and credentials encapsulated safely somewhere by the library.

- Automatic setting fields to null

      let me write natural c# code like below to set a field null.

Account.Foo = null;

- Give me simplified APIs, and how about generics

// returns a strongly typed contact by id

// inserts a single contact, returns a single result - no messing
// with collections in our out of the method.
result = sflibrary.Insert(contact); 


- or setting optional properties (aka set property "foo" on an object without needing to set "fooSpecified".

// this
Account.SomeDate = DateTime.Now;

// instead of
Account.SomeDate = DateTime.Now;
Account.SomeDateSpecified = true;



The list goes on... Is there anything like this out there, or am I just wishful thinking?

Hi everyone,


We are trying to set up Hudson in integration with Salesforce but we had some troubles around the fact that APEX is not Java. Anyone who could answer any of these questions would be of a high help:


 - Are you aware of any work around this?

- What is the best Continuous integration for Salesforce (Hudson, Continuum, Cruise control ect...)?

- Is there any plugin especially for Salesforce?

- Any other way of controlling quality in Salesforce code? (reports, automatic emails, batch analyzis ect...) We would be thankful for any information around quality control and Salesforce.




I have searched the API docs and discussion boards and have not found any info about how to get to the SforceService or where it comes from, so I am starting a new post for this.


I am using VS2008, but target the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 for a CE 5.0 device. I generated a Partner WSDL (Which includes the SforceService endpoint def.). In VS2008, I added a Web Reference (not a WCF Service Reference!) and found the service description using the URL:


(which looked successful).


I get the correct namespace added to my project with the proxy class for the service. When I try to set up the SOAP binding, I have no access to SforceService and cannot see it in the Object Browser. Is there something (i.e., an SDK) that I need to install to get this, or should it show up automatically from the service description while adding the Web Reference?


Please help! TIA, Dave