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Dear all,
             I am using Developer Edition.

          I creae a Dashboard, In Dashboard, Can i add a Custom field (Picklist) to group  All the components in Dashboard ( Components are from Different Reports ). That Picklist can control all DashBoard Components.

How can I Perform this. Please Give you valuable suggestions.


Thanks in Advance



  I have a google visualization's data table(this is a visual force component) which consist of list of record,my task is if user select a row from the table ,I have to fetch the selected row values from visual force component to my visual force page's controller class (not a component controller).


Simply I want to make a communication from vf's custom component to my vf page's controller apex class.


Is it possible to make a such communication while selecting the row values?


please guide us.


<apex:page controller="ParentController"> <apex:form> <apec:pageblock id="pageId"> <c:googleTable jsondata="{!equipment}" barwidth="620" height="14em" Id="component"> <!-- I tried this action supprt to refresh the page,but it doesn't work <apex:actionSupport event="onclick" rerender="pageId" /> --> </c:googleTable> </apec:pageblock> </apex:form> <!-- I need communication from googleTable to ParentController class --> </apex:page>




Thanks in advance