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I am getting following error while sending email to Emailservice

(Undelivered): 554 common.apex.runtime.ParseException  What would be the problem.

The code was running perfectly till last Friday 21-Mar-2015. I haven't change anything in code since then, but it's not working since two days; stange behaviour. Although even If I had any problem in my code, email should receive in Salesforce and then I can use debug log to see any code exception but I am receiving bounce back email with above error message.
Hello ,
         I have one object Project__c . In this there are one  picklist Assigned_To__c  in this picklist i add manually all user name. So whenever i choose for example Pritam Shekhawat then project owner should be Pritam Shekhawat. Give me a idea what is easy way to do this.
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Very frustrating.
SF team, please heed this suggestion.
Search is uselsess to differentiate between the two.
Could someone that actually has the ability to fix this please respond.
Thanks kindly.