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Can anyone tell me how to delete the folder in amazon (not bucket or file)

I wanted to actually delete all file at once, as i am facing too many callout error:11

Even batch apex can't be used as its limit is just one callout.


Any solution is welcomed.



  • July 31, 2012
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I'm trying to make webservice callouts and it's throwing the following error


Web service callout failed: Unable to parse callout response. Apex type not found for element http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema=schema


I tried tweaking the WSDL file but unable to find the right solution. Does anyone know what to fix in the WSDL file for this?

  • November 30, 2012
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I want to access allowed profiles of Organisation wide email addresses. I am able to access is that email address is allowed to all profiles or not. Can anyone please suggest me some solution to achieve 'Allowed profiles' details.





Please let me know the practices i need to follow for developing vf pages for mobile.




  • November 03, 2011
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           I have one method which is exporting record over 2000 and when i am clicking on export all button i am facing error.i.e. too many script statement :200001.

         Now i can't optimize the lines so that i want to catch this exception and i want to show message so i thought to put try catch on that method but still i am getting that exception.


Here is the code of that method :-

public PageReference exportAll(){

Pagereference pg;
pg = new Pagereference('/apex/TransactionExcelGenerator?accId='+ controllerAccount.Id + '&exportall=yes' + '&listview='+ selectedList + '&sortfield=' + sortFieldName + '&sortfield1=' + sortFieldName1 + '&ordertype=' + orderType );
return pg;
catch(Exception ex){
Apexpages.addMessage(new Apexpages.Message(Apexpages.Severity.INFO, 'Exporting this view is not possible due to large amount of data being accessed. Please either change view filter, select fewer rows to export or use reporting functionality to extract the data required:'+ex.getMessage()));
return null;



  • September 02, 2011
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I am using the AWS Toolkit and when I attempt to access a bucket newly created on the EU Amazon server I am getting the following error:


System.CalloutException: Web service callout failed: WebService returned a SOAP Fault: Please re-send this request to the specifiedtemporary endpoint. Continue to use the original request endpoint for future requests. faultcode=soapenv:Client.TemporaryRedirectfaultactor=

Research on the Amazon AWS site indicates that requests may be redirected when new buckets are created on servers other then the default US server but it has been a couple of hours and still no luck.  Do I simply have to wait longer (any clue how long) of does the code require changes to look for this error and resubmit with the temporary endpoint?  I would prefer not to touch the toolkit code but I don't know if it is actively being kept up to date (don't believe the EU server existed when it was released). 


I tested with the sample app in an environment with the toolkit newly downloaded and got the same issue.


Has anyone else encountered this?  Anyone have a solution?


Thanks in advance,



  • September 22, 2010
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Is there any to pass to parameters from a javascript to a actionFunction?

For eg  I have a var 'x' in javascript set to some value. On some condition I need to call a actionFunction which calls a controller. I need to pass the value of x to the controller. I can pass using param tag of actionFunction to controller but how to pass x to the actionFunctio?