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We are new to SF development and recently created a simple app that uses a few custom fields, objects and triggers.  Unfortunately, the entire thing is running within a free "Dev" account (rather than a standard Force.com account).  Is there any reasonable way to take that entire installation and somehow import or migrate it into another SF account?  


The account rep I spoke with said that everything would need to be recreated within an Enterprise account.  But that sounds insane to me.  What would be the purpose of a dev account if I can't deploy my work to another SF (client) account.


I appreciate any insights or help...

Does any one know if salesforce mobile app works when used via WiFi?

Yesterday when I was trying to login through salesforce mobile app on ipad and iphone (connected to network via WiFi) it said 'not connected to network'.

But I was able to login to salesforce using safari browser on ipad on the same WiFi network.

And also I was able to login to the salesforce mobile app through cellular data network(EDGE).


Can you please let me know if it is a problem with WiFi network or the app?