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I currently use Salesforce PHP API. When querying Salesforce using SOQL, the return object doesnt have consistent structure if I query nested object. There are two types of returned obj:


1. SObject Object ( [type] => Opportunity [fields] => stdClass Object ( [Name] =>  [0] => SObject Object ( [type] => Account [fields] => [Id] =>  ) )


2. sobjects(...)


I am confused about why there is two type of returned object. Anyone would help?


- Ngoc

This might be a silly question but i am unable to fix it.

I have an custom object created in sfdc which has more than 1000 records say 10000 records. But i am able to retrieve only 1000 records above that it is throwing an error , so how to  retrieve the 10000 records using soql query.


 Note: i dont want to apply limit here. I want to retrieve all the records.


Please let me know if any soln for this...