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I want to update the Salesforce CRM Content for 1000 users belonging to different profiles. I've created a list view for this, but not able to mass update the records. How to get this done? Is there a query connecting user and profiles using which i can do this via data loader?

Created a new visualforce page from fore.com IDE and its saved to server. The project is deployed in server. But still don't see this page in the UI when I want to display through a custom link



In the home page of opportunity, on click of the standard new button, I have to decide whether the current user could create a new record or not, based on his profile id.


If he could not create a new opportunity, then I have to display an alert box, saying "You don't have permission to create a new opportunity".


For this, I am overridding the new button with a visualforce page, which will check the profile id and perform accordingly.


So here, on click of the new button, the url is redirected to the visualforce page and in that blank visualforce page, the alert box is displayed. Then on clicking Ok in the alertbox, the url is again redirected to the home page of opportunity.


But  I don't want this blank page to be displayed. On click of the new button, just the alert box has to be displayed, with out any change in the background.


For ex: if any alert box is displayed using the onclick javascript, there will not be any disturbance in the background.


Pls give ur suggestions on this?

  • October 06, 2009
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