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I always wondered why SF recordes the API version of your code.  I recently learned that it actually runs under an older version of SF if you have an old API version number.  For example, I had a VF page with version 18.0 and it wasn't getting the dependent picklist information.  I updated the number 22.0 and it works fine now.


I'm curious what features the API controls.  Is it absolutely everything?


An more specifically, if you have an old API version, will you not get newer Apex limits? 


For example, winter '12 greatly increases the heap limit and statements limit.  I need those features for a class.  If I don't change the API version of the clase from 15.0 (ancient) to 22.0, will I not get the increase limits?




How to display when picklist value selects displays fields.

EX: I created no of child picklist ,values are 1,2,3,4.

when i select 1 it displays age1 field,if selects 2 it displays age1 and age2 like so on.

Can anyone please help me the logic for this.

  • October 05, 2011
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Has anyone recreated the events object as as a custom object, and then created a calendar tab to display information from the custom events object in calendar format?  If yes, was it worth all the effort?  What kind of problems are still present after doing this?



Ok So this is kind of a dumb question I know. I have done a lot of work with triggers and classes inside of salesforce. I would like to start to build some desktop applications. I know I can use the adobe flash builder but I was wondering if there was a way to use eclipse to do something similar(nothing fancy)?

I am running into a problem and I need to check the data constantly. My only problem is that I can only ask to download the database once? And after 48 hours it will be deleted. Is there away to force it to redownload again???



  • October 05, 2011
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Recently there was a need in my org to create bunch of Portal users, and I hate doing repitative things, off course I come from developing background. So I called SF premier support, asking the same, and they told I cannot create Portal Users via DL. 


I will have to create contact, hit allow login, enter user details, blah blah.. for each and every user. Did not make sense to me and I started to look into the Data Structure to see how User, Contact, Porfile, license objects are related. To my surprise there was contactId field under user object. 


All I did was populated the PortalUser.csv file with correct SF contactId, ProfileId(Partner Profile), RecordTypeId(Portal Contact) along with other info like Name, Email, Alias for 200 odd records. Uploaded via Data Loader and boom it all went in. 


I thought I will post here, so others can take advantage of this. Just shoot me an email or reply to this post, if you need further assitance.


I have four custom buttons namely (Send NDA,Send UK NDA,UK Background Authorization & US background Authorization) in one of my custom object of which all their Content source are from visualforce pages. Since they appear to be too many buttons on a page layout, i would like to replace them with a single button namely (Send for Signing) whereby when clicked, it will load a page that will contain the four custom buttons & it is from this page that one can perform the diffrent actions carried out by the individual buttons.


Kindly advice me on how this can be achieved.


following is the error how to slove it 



NotifyUtil::java.net.SocketException: Software caused connection abort: recv failed

Hello community,


I hope this is the right place to pose this question. Due to my Salesforce is in German only, I hope I find the right definitions / item names to make my request understandable.


I have a standard field named "name", that consits of "salutation", "first name" and "last name".


Example "name": Herr Otto Müller


I have got also a customized field named "salutory address", that can have two values: 1) Sehr geehrte Frau (Dear Mrs.)  2) Sehr geehrter Herr (Dear Mr.)


What I do at the moment is, that I choose one of the values manually. But due to I know (because of the field "salutation") if it is a man or a woman, I expect there must be a way to fill the customized field "salutory address" automatically.


Example: If field_saluation="Herr" then field_salutory address="Sehr geehrter Herr" else "Sehr geehrte Dame"


No claim for right syntax, just to make clear my request :)


I tried to solve this via "Feldabhängigkeiten" (field depandancies) but the help text says, that I can´t choose "standard values".


So I have no clue how to solve this. Please, if someone gave me a step-by-step description or a hint where to find the solution, I would be very grateful.



I would like to make a mass mail merge into a word document.

The source of my mass mail is a campaign members list.

Is there any functionnality in Salesforce to do that ?




Cyril Verhaest



I have enable customer portal and am using Force.com sites with customer portal authorisation.

In the sandbox when a user is provided access they receive a temp password in their email and when the first try to login into the sites they are redirected to the change password page so that they can change the temp password.

I deployed the same code into production. Here the first time users are getting redirected to the home page directly without going to the Change password page where they can change the temp password.


Why is this happening? Am i missing any settings.




  • August 25, 2011
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Hi Guys.

Now i need something strange.


I have a picklist with some names and a autogenerated field with the name of the person who is creating the lead (Created By).


I want to make a comparison between this two fields. If the picklist value name is the same as created By, everything is ok, if not.... ERROR MESSAGE!


Any idea???

thanks in advance




 Is there a way to create a report where the users will be able to change the criteria when the report is running (not in the customization view). I am building reports for users who are not technology savvy and have no idea about AND and OR operations. I just want them to choose 3 fields and the report will be generated. Also, is there a way to remove the Time Frame section from a report?




  • August 25, 2011
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Hi I have question in Multilingual support of database level
in SalesForce.


If I have organization that uses 3 languages, is  there automated solution for creating
multiple language tables for one object?


For example if I have one object Product, is there automated
solution that will create three tables for Product_US, Product_De, Product_GR?


Usage of such system is when on one international
organization, manager in GR can read reports on Greek, when something is
created in US.

Hi to all, where i can write interface?in develop i can write only apex classes....  like where i can write interfaces?

  • August 23, 2011
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