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Hi All,
I have a requirement where there will be n number of layouts inside a venue hall and items should be assigned to them dynamically by drag n drop functionality. By this i need to capture which item was placed in which layout on save and the value should retain on page refresh.
can this be achieved using lightning component. Please guide.
Thanks in advance. 
I need to do this by apex code if it is possible i know you can just change the fiel type to auto number in SF, im just curious about a string field 
hi saleforce, i need to enable API access. I want test some thirst application.
In my current organization they are archiving old data to external system ( sql database ).But now they have a requirement to generate consolidated  report on both salesforce and sql data.

how to achieve this??
My objects Project and Plan are master objects to "All projects" which is the junction object. I also have an object called "Activity" that is a child to Project and a lookup to the All Projects Junction object. I ultimately want a time field on Activity to roll up to Plan. Can anyone help? 
I just performed a sample import, received an e-mail that stated the import was successful but I cannot find the contacts that were imported. Can you tell; me where to find them? Thanks!
Hi everyone,

The company I work for is looking for a Senior Salesforce Developer for one of our clients. I have been asked to come up with some questions to ask Senior Salesforce Developers that interviewers at my company can ask applicants to verify their knowledge. If someone could provide me with some questions that I could ask a Senior Salesforce Developer to verify their knowledge of salesforce and their experience that would be fantastic.


We are trying to create a hybrid app using visualforce pages, @remoteaction and sencha touch 2.0. I'm having issues with understanding the proxy method on Sencha Touch in relationship to the @remoteaction and loading data.  Is there a good tutorial?


Our goal is to use Sencha Designer 2 to create UI and copy code to a visualforce page. Then hooking up the remote action. I saw this at Cloudforce in SF in March 2012 but cannot find any documentation. The session was "Partner Session: Build a HTML5 App from scratch with the Sencha Framework"


Can anyone help?

Does anybody know if the DEV 531 course will be available for free anytime soon? I'm new to programming and tried learning from the DEV 501 course through iTunes but was too confusing. I'm not looking for certification, just need to learn asap for job opportunity.

First, let me apologize if this is a dumb question. I'm trying to reach back and pull my college Java courses, but I'm struggling.


Anyways, I have a public void method that I want to query a custom object, and depending on a field value, add each record to a certain list. I am doing this because I have multiple lists I will be calling from my VisualForce page, so I have the public void method to build the lists, and then functions to return those lists. However, when I call my lists, none of them are populated with data, so it seems my public voide method is not ran.


Here is the public void method:

public class MarginEscalators
List<Pipeline__c> marginEscalatorsComplete = new List <Pipeline__c>();
List<Pipeline__c> marginEscalatorsIncomplete = new List <Pipeline__c>();

public void buildLists()
        for (Pipeline__c me2011 : [SELECT      
                 ProjectID__C, Sales_Pole__c, Status__C
        FROM Pipeline__c          
        WHERE Year__c = 2011)
                if (me2011.Status__c == 'Complete')
                else if (me2011.Status__c == 'Incomplete')


 Here are my two simple functions:

public List<Pipeline__c> getMarginEscalatorsComplete()
    return marginEscalatorsComplete;

public List<Pipeline__c> getMarginEscalatorsIncomplete()
    return marginEscalatorsIncomplete;



I assumed that whenever I called either {!marginEscalatorsComplete} or {!marginEscalatorsIncomplete} on my VF page my public void method would be kicked off automatically. Is there something else I need to do in order to initiate the public void method?


The code below is how I've tried calling just one of my lists to see if my code worked, but it's not. I'm not getting errors, but I am getting a blank page.

<apex:repeat value="{!marginEscalatorsComplete}" var="a">       
     <TR><TD width="75"><apex:outputText value="{!a.Subcategory__c}" /></TD>
         <TD width="100">{!a.ProjectID__c}</TD>
         <TD width="40">{!a.Sales_Pole__c}</TD>
         <TD width="75">{!a.Status__c}</TD></TR>


Again, I think it's because my public void method is not get initiated and building the lists, and I'm not sure how to make sure it is run. If anyone has any insight, I would greatly appreciate it.