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I have created a tab called 'My Tab' that's linked to visualforce page /apex/MyVFPage. I can probably get url to this page using PageReference and partial page logic for /apex/MyVFPage. However, is there any better way to the url, may be using tab name?



Hi all,


I have a question is it possible to show visualforce page on the page layout when I hit edit button ? My case is I want to show the visualforce page and standar page layout at the same time on page layout in edit mode. Is is possible to do that? Or maybe there is other suggestions for may case would be great.







I think this is do-able.  I just want to make sure.


I remember an example from the VF class of a wizard for job applications that let you do Next/Prev over three pages.  I think the way it worked is that it used the same instance of the controller for all pages.


I want to double-check that that is do-able.  I have a constructor that gets a great deal of data and holds it in memory.  I want to go to/from a detail page without reinstantiating the controller.  If it reinstantiates the controller, it would be too inefficient.  If it can't be done, then I'd do it by using the same page and having sections rendered based on where the user is.  It would be more elegrant to use separate pages though.