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I know there is not currently the ability to add Workflow and/or Approval to Content publishing.  Does anyone have a workaround for this?  A client wants the ability to hand off the review/update of a document to multiple people then publish when done.  The ECM tool that they are looking at has this capability. (http://www.ademero.com/products/content-central/)


I thought of subscribing to the document so that the team members are notifified as new updates are performed and uploaded but that isn't really what they want.  They want a handoff from one person to another.


The other possibility that I thought of was leveraging Cases and Approval Process with Workflow but not sure that will work.  Thoughts?


Thanks in advance!

  • October 21, 2011
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Is there a way (or workaround) to enable hi-liting words that are searched in Content documents?  For example; I have a client who stores documents and they could be very large and are searching for one word within it.  They would like the word to hi-lite every time it shows up in the document when searched like MS Word does.


Is there a way to handle this?


  • October 21, 2011
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Simply put the following formula into a formula field of type "Text":




This is an optimized version of the code example "BPS: 18 digit external ID within the UI" you can find on the Online Help, but unlike the example provided there, it is small enough to fit into a formula field. Also, this code doesn't contain the error found in the online help example, where the second character byte equivalent of the first 5-character chunk was "4" instead of "2". I'd be more than happy if someone could come up with an even shorter version of this formula...Still, I hope you can use this.



Erik Mittmeyer