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Having an issue with correctly displaying the value of a checkbox field (on Case object) in a datatable.


Here is the table code in my VF Page:

<apex:dataTable value="{!CurrentInProgressCaseList}" var="c" width="100%">
	<apex:column >
		<apex:facet name="header">Request ID</apex:facet> 
	<apex:column >
		<apex:facet name="header">Escalated</apex:facet>
		<c:CP_M2MEscalationComponent escalation="{!c.isEscalated}" />
	<apex:column >
		<apex:facet name="header">Raised By</apex:facet>

 Here is the apex code for the method that pulls in the data for the datatable:

public List<Case> getCurrentInProgressCaseList() {
	if (myInProgressCaseList ==null) {
		myInProgressCaseList = [Select CaseNumber, Customer_Status__c, isEscalated, CreatedDate, CreatedBy.Name from Case where (Customer_Status__c =:'Submitted' or Customer_Status__c =:'In Progress') and AccountId =: this.accountId ORDER BY CreatedDate desc];
	for(Case c:myInProgressCaseList){
		System.debug(c.CaseNumber+': '+c.isEscalated);
	return myInProgressCaseList;

 Now if I look in the debug logs for the System.debug statement above, I can clearly see my test case showing with the correct case number and isEscalated set to true.


But further down in my debug log I can clearly see the isEscalated value being passed to the component is set to false!


13:02:28.597 (597299000)|CODE_UNIT_STARTED|[EXTERNAL]|CP_M2MEscalationComponentController set(escalation,false)
13:02:28.597 (597316000)|SYSTEM_MODE_ENTER|true
13:02:28.597 (597343000)|CODE_UNIT_STARTED|[EXTERNAL]|CP_M2MEscalationComponentController set(escalation,false)
13:02:28.597 (597371000)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|CP_M2MEscalationComponentController set(escalation,false)
13:02:28.597 (597383000)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|CP_M2MEscalationComponentController set(escalation,false)

 And this is my issue. A case that clearly has its isEscalated field checked/set to true is being passed as false to my component.


My question is how/why??