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Connect XE for ODBC Driver for Salesforce CRM and Force.com is now available!


Read the Release Highlights: http://www.datadirect.com/products/odbc/salesforce_crm_odbc_driver/index.html

-Standards-based ODBC access to Salesforce CRM and Force.com
-Low latency, high throughput, resource efficient data access
-Out of box ready for enterprise requirements
-Native cross-platform support



i am new to integration part,iam trying to integrate sforce with java


please tell me how can i achive it.



Our company is looking to utilize an ODBC driver, and I was wondering if anyone has/have used DBAmp and/or DataDirect OpenAccess SFDC ODBC. Which one will give us more bang for our buck?


I've done my fair amount of research..  I mean googling ;) on these two products and so far it seems that DBAmp has more documentation available than OpenAccess. I've tried the trial version of both, but due to the limited amount of time they allow to evaluate these software, I couldn't make out advantages and disadvantages of using one or the other.


Thanks to anyone in advance who might be able to provide us some insights on these two tools. Thank You


DataDirect OpenAccess ODBC for SalesForce.com