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Our Salesforce integration uses their Streaming API to process Salesforce updates from our clients in near real-time. However, we've recently received a couple of support tickets claiming our data was not updating. After some investigation, we learned that both clients were using Salesforce's Bulk API to update their Salesforce data in bulk.
After some local testing, I was able to indeed confirm that using the Bulk API did not publish those updates to clients connected via the Streaming API.

Does anyone have insight into whether this is "supposed" to happen? I can't find documentation anywhere suggesting this is a limitation with either API. I also can't understand why Salesforce would offer a Streaming API that doesn't work in ALL instances of data updating vs only some....would kinda defeat the purpose of using the Streaming API.

Has anyone encountered something similar and figured out how to actually receive notifications in real-time of updates processed by Salesforce's Bulk API?

i have been trying to look for an answer to this for some time now.  is it possible to get the email templates of a user. if so what object would i be referencing.