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I have created a flow that is set to run in system mode (System context without sharing).
Based on the documentation, this is supposed to ignore all object permissions.

The flow I have built is meant to create a record of an object that certain profiles don't have the create permission for. I assumed that, if I run the flow in system context this wouldn't cause issues for these profiles. But it does. All profiles that don't have create permissions for that object get an error when they launch the flow. When I change the profile it works fine.

To me that sounds like the behavior of the flow is different from what the documentation describes.

Does anybody have an idea on how to handle that? I tried opening a case with SF but it is considered a development case which is not covered by our support package so I was advised to post the question here. 



My requirement is, want to create the look up with out using the backend field and assign the users in to that look up. which data type i need to use for look up. And how to create the look up on visual force page. how to assign the users to look up. Please any one help me how to solve these. Thank you in advance.




 Hi All,


I have a custom object where "Allow Reports" checkbox is checked. But still, I am not able to view the reports associated with that object. Basically, I am not able to create any reports for that object.


Please help me on this.



I want to create a lookup field as below using Visualforce. How can i acheive this?

Any help on this will be appreciated.