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Hi all,


there seem to be two different ways of adding files to chatter. For example, if you click on the "attach a file" button, it will give you two alternatives:


a) Select a file from Salesforce

b) Upload a file from your computer


On a) you would have to add a file to your Content (in Workspaces) first


Now, as far as I assumed before, both should lead to the same entries in the chatter feed. However, there is one detail, that differs:


All my entries created with method a) will have an additial link "Go to Content Detail Page".


Now my core problem is that I need to find a way to create chatter file posts of type a) using the API, so far all my tries ended up as type b), so missing "Go to Content Detail Page" link.


What I'm doing so far:

- Adding a "ContentVersion" record (=doing a file upload)

- Using the Id of the created ContentVersion to add a "FeedPost" record and pointing its "ParentId" to the object that should list the new Chatter post


So, what am I missing here?




  • November 01, 2010
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