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Any guidance would be much appreciated.

I'm trying to extract records from Ideas, where a custom field is populated.

i.e. I'm wanting to do an equivalent of SQLs  WHERE Body like:+SearchText+''

The field is a  Text Area.


I've tried WHERE field='' and various other things, but Data Loader tells me the field can't be filtered on ...Am I just getting syntax wrong or can I really not filter on a text area field? That seems odd so guessing my syntax is duff.

I have a custom contoller which displays information from 2 objects.


In the controller I list several fields from a child object in a TableBlock.


I would like to add a Delete button (or link) to the column so that a user can click to remove the record.


I have set up a method that recieves an ID and then deletes a record. However I am not certain how to call the method that I have created from the VisualForce page while passing a parameter.

I would like help on writing a trigger on Account before update that gets the related contacts, then inserts that list of contacts in an account text area field.


The text area will contain:

contact name 1\n

contact name 2\n



I'm not an apex developer so I'm not sure where to begin, so any sample code for doing something like that would be a great help.



When working in the Force.com IDE, the contents of my Outline view keep disappearing, with nothing inside the window. It's a pretty important feature of an IDE, so it's pretty annoying.


I've been trying to use Bookmarks as a workaround, but regularly after a I save, my booksmarks all get cleared!


So there's a clearly bugs with both the Outline and Bookmarks in eclipse, at least with the Force.com IDE.


Has anyone else had this problem?  Anyone know how to solve it? 


It's a pain to navigate code using line numbers and 'Find' alone.