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Is it possible to generate or invoke the generation of salesforce security token out side the salesforce?





  Hi All,


   In my salesforce application the components( Apex class, pages etc.) which i have created should not be visible (Even

   the component's name) to the client's who are using my application in their salesforce organization. So please suggest

   me how can i hide my components from my clients



Hi All,


        How to hide the custom objects created for my application in salesforce from the clients who are using my

        application in their salesforce org. So that they cannot view or edit the objects.



Hi All,


        Is it possible to develope a normal HTML5 App (not a mobile App) integrated with Salesforce. if possible please

        provide me some info regarding how to start the development..





We have planned for a patch release and when we tried upload the components it has thrown an expcetion stating for new components. The above said new components seems to be a summary layout. we are not sure how it was created. When we tried to remove it is asking to contact the owner. I am the admin of the org but unable to do so.


I need help to locate these summary layouts in my patch org/package and remove them.






Can any body help me to resolve this issue..


Can any one know what max size of Query event record length?


public function fetchExpensesForTest(event:QueryResult):void{
Alert.show(event.records.length+" vs "+ event.size);

for Eg;

 Now  i m excuting the one Query and i m getting that result through result handler such as Query result. if suppose the event size(event.size) from Query Result varied when compare to event record(event.record.length).


Output of the Above Coding is " 1600 vs 1700"


Here my event size is 1700 but my records length only 1600.


Is that any fixed value in Query result records?


please resolve this.....








Hi All,


When we tried to make our app active for one of our customer, we got the error as 'customer org will exceed the limit for custom tabs if status is changed from trial.'. It seems they have corssed the count - 25 custom tabs. Is it possible to add more custom tabs to this org? Or please suggest what can be done



As per salesforce ref documents for OAuth Beginner’s Guide to OAuth they have mentioned that we can access the data of an organization.

Our doubt is that , can we access the custom object and modify it using OAuth protocol.





I created a Apex class from a WSDL file using Generate to WSDL option, it worked fine and then added the class to a managed package. Then i modified the WSDL and tried tried the same, i got the following error


Error: Failed to parse wsdl: Found more than one wsdl:binding. WSDL with multiple binding not supported


I need to know whether this error caused because we regenerate the same WSDL which replaces the existing class which is in a managed package since we cannot delete a class from a managed package.


We created a site in dev org and accessed it using the URL ,It throws an error "Authorization Required" do we need to whitelist our ip


if we are whitelisting what are the procedures to be done.


How to Integrate Quick Books With our App


I'm new to Quickbook. Is there any material available for intergrating the Quickbook with our(salesforce) application and alsio i need some coding for the intergrating the QB.


reply as soon as possible..





Is there any option to choose/write our own question.

Can we change the security question that we gave at the signup.

How to get started with HTML5.


Is there any reference material for developing applications using HTML 5?

We have an Apex class which generates an PDF as an Email Attachemnt ,the image/PDF that we are going to render is added as an child object to a custom object..


We used Visual force page with renderAs="PDF" attribute for Email attachment and used <apex:image url={!the url of the attachement file} this did'nt work.


is there any other way to render it.. 

Dear all,


How to find an organization is a trial org or Activated org.


Has anyone seen a 'new component' issue before for a 'summary layout' component (for a patch version)?  I'm assuming it was something added in Summer '12 as I haven't been able to determine what a 'summary layout' component is. It seems that something was added in Summer '12 that is going to force me to do a major release instead of being able to release a patch version. When I click on the links to the components, I just receive an 'Insufficient Privileges' message. My thought is that is related to the 'Highlights Panel' of Page Layouts though I thought this was added in Summer '11. 





How to get started with HTML5.


Is there any reference material for developing applications using HTML 5?


Am unable draw borders for my page block table. Code:



<apex:page standardController="Address__c" wizard="true"
    recordSetVar="addrSet" renderAs="html">
    <apex:pageBlock title="PageBlock_001">
        <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!addrSet}" var="a" id="MyTable_001"
            columnsWidth="10px, 10px, 10px" frame="rhs" title="Table_001">
            <apex:column value="{!a.name}"/>
            <apex:column value="{!a.City__c}"/>
            <apex:column value="{!a.Mobile__c}"/>
I tried the above code multipletimes by passing frame="none", frame="box", frame="lhs". But the Page Plock table remaiined same in all cases. 
Whats the mistake i done?