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I have a requirement like query the  child object and throught this query we have to get the values of another object which is a lookup to its parent. In this case PartnerLocation is the Child to Account and Opportunity is the Lookup to Account.


Thanks in Advance



I have a textbox with 100px width.

How could i fill the background color like this.

Per first 10px, i would like to fill red

Per next 60px, i would like to fill green

Per last 30px, i would like to fill white.



Can any one suggest me!!!






I have a Master - Detail Relation Ship between Points to Account.


Now i want to send a mail when a point is created to a particular Account then E Mail is generated to that perticular Account holder.


Can any one help on this issue.

  • September 05, 2011
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Is there a way to override the Approve/Reject standard page with a vf page or customize the same standard page ??

Please let me know.




  • September 05, 2011
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I have a some apex classes which i want to install as a package to a another org.

And there are some custom fields which are reffered by these classes.

They already exist in the org which i'm going to install the package.

So when i try to install it gives a duplicate error.

Is there any way to remove these custom fields from the package or overwrite the existing fileds.

  • September 05, 2011
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I am encountering difficulties with creating a sale invoice (c2g__codaInvoice__c) and cash entry (c2g__codaCashEntry__c). Both objects have a lineitem object (c2g__codaInvoiceLineItem__c, c2g__codaCashEntryLineItem__c).

I first set the invoice's fields and create it. However I get the following error message:


stdClass Object
    [errors] => stdClass Object
            [message] => Object validation has failed.

    [id] => 
    [success] => 

Am I suppose to create invoice line item first (c2g__codaInvoiceLineItem__c)? This is a bit confusing. I thought that I would first set the c2g__Account__c for a sale invoice and get the id of the invoice and then create an invoice line item(s) for the corresponding invoice id. 

According to the architecture, the opportunity if is linked to the sale invoice object.I have already code my opportunity with its opportunity line items so I do have the opportunity id in hand. 


In PHP, how do you create a sale invoice given opportunity and account info? I assume once I figure out the sales invoice I would be able to figure out the cash entry which is similar with the line entry. 


FYI - According to financial force, these functionalities can be developed with API salesforce. Do I need to download some kind of financial force extension package?


how could i make it so when i hover the mouse over some field in my visualforce page it would display a bubble pop up that is a component

We are currently utilizing Salesforce in conjunction with a proprietary ERP system for our manufacturing planning, and processing. We are looking for a solution that could help us manage our customers “incoming” Purchase Orders (PO’s) as a more automatic process in Salesforce.


Currently, customer PO’s come in via email or fax. The PO is then manually scanned and attached as a supporting document to the Order that is created. The Orders must be entered into our ERP system and are then “Synchronized” with Salesforce for look up purposes. It would be desirable to create or purchase an application that can be customized for our customers to enter minimum data needed for Order Entry and then create a Work Flow for incoming emailed PO’s so that the information is stored in Salesforce and then triggers task for an Order entry person to enter the Order in the ERP system, and better yet creates an “Order Shell” that could be imported into our ERP system to begin the Order Entry process.


We would also like a better solution for gathering information from prospective clients regarding their credit and Account information for our Account set-up and credit review process to qualify for credit approval and set the proper terms for the new Account. This is a similar scenario where data outside the organization needs to be gathered then a Work Flow created.


Has anyone run into a similar scenarios before? Any help or ideas would be appreciated.



  • September 01, 2011
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