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I've recently installed the Time Off Manager. I have the occassional look to see how it has developed and found that it was the first time that I could install and make it work following the Admin guide - Well Done!


I'm now looking at what I guess are limitations from my point of view. There are more in terms of how my organisation works and what I'd want to be able to do. They are:


1. Allow for part days or even hours off, not just full days off.

2. Record Overtime and Time Off In Lieu. We don't pay overtime, but do allow for Time Off In Lieu (TOIL). To be able to allow a staff member to submit for approval overtime work, and then to submit for approval the time they want to take off as TOIL would be fantastic. 

3. Sick Days - Not an essential item, but a good one to have recorded, is for a member of staff who has been off sick, to have to confirm and record their sick days. Each employee in our org has an allowed 9 days per annum of sick days, after which the become unpaid sick days.


I can see how I could work around the system for the separate types of leave by creating three users for every employee and add a note in their 'name' to reflect the leave type. This would not be ideal, but could work. However it would not resolve my problems of part days, or hours off, or recording overtime and therefore accrued TOIL.


Has anyone found a working solution or is this something that could be working in to the future versions of this application?


Many thanks





  • August 08, 2011
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