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I have noticed on Friday afternoon and currently now (Monday morning) that deploying a single file is taking a very long time via my Eclipse. I'd day its taking nearly 10min for a single deploy that I am used to taking less than 90 seconds in the past. I am on NA6 and the polling server seems to be na6-api.salesforce.com.


Anyone else noticing slowdowns in general when trying to deploy? If you are noticing increased sluggishness are you on NA6 by chance?


Thanks in advance for your comments



      Few Customised mandatory fields have been created in Case object . Problem i am facing when i send mail through Email to Case option it does not create Case , it gives error message by return mail " The following errors were encountered while processing an incoming emai. Case was not created as Required Fields missing" . Why is it giving the error in Email to Case Option . I want to keep fields manadatory also .



I am currently trying to load records into an object, followed by detail records into a child object (master-detail relationship). I will be using the data loader in batch mode to achieve this. The key difficulty with this is that in order to load the child record, you need the ID of the parent record, but of course you don't have this from the outset, so I wondered if anyone has done this before, and how you achieved it.


I will be experimenting this afternoon, but what I figure WON'T work is to create an insert trigger for the detail object so that it looks up and adds the parent ID on the BEFORE UPDATE trigger. 


My second idea, which I believe would work, is to load all child records against a dummy parent, but use a trigger to look up and assign the real parent.


My third idea is to load the parents, then extract all the IDs, then do a join with the child records outside of Salesforce before loading. This is the most foolproof, but involves the greatest complexity, so I'm trying to avoid.


Any comments, ideas or feedback on the above would be gratefully received. Thanks!


System.QueryException: Didn't understand relationship 'Department__r' in FROM part of query call. If you are attempting to use a custom relationship, be sure to append the '__r' after the custom relationship name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for the appropriate names.: Trigger.UpdateAllocate: line 3, column 43




        String queryString = 'SELECT Id, Name, Title__c, Last_Name__c, Middle_Name__c, First_Name__c, Rank__c,    Gender__c, Email__c, Mobile_Number__c, (SELECT Id, Name, Description__c from Department__r LIMIT 1) from Lecturer__c';

            SObject[] queryParentObject = Database.query(queryString);
            for (SObject parentRecord : queryParentObject){
                Object ParentFieldValue1 = parentRecord.get('Name');
                Object ParentFieldValue2 = parentRecord.get('Last_Name__c');
                Object ParentFieldValue3 = parentRecord.get('Last_Name__c');
                Object ParentFieldValue4 = parentRecord.get('Middle_Name__c');
                Object ParentFieldValue5 = parentRecord.get('First_Name__c');
                Object ParentFieldValue6 = parentRecord.get('Rank__c');
                Object ParentFieldValue7 = parentRecord.get('Gender__c');
                Object ParentFieldValue8 = parentRecord.get('Email__c');
                Object ParentFieldValue9 = parentRecord.get('Mobile_Number__c');
                // Prevent a null relationship from being accessed 
                Object ChildFieldValue1;
                Object ChildFieldValue2;
                SObject[] childRecordsFromParent = parentRecord.getSObjects('Department__c');
                if (childRecordsFromParent != null) {
                    for (SObject childRecord : childRecordsFromParent){
                        ChildFieldValue1 = childRecord.get('Name');
                        ChildFieldValue2 = childRecord.get('Description__c');
                        //System.debug('Account Name: ' + ParentFieldValue + '. Contact Name: '+ ChildFieldValue1 + ' ' + ChildFieldValue2);
                Object mName = ParentFieldValue4;          
                if(mName  == null){
                   mName ='';
                allocateList.add(new Allocate__c(
                Name = String.valueOf(ParentFieldValue1),
                Full_Name__c = ParentFieldValue2+' '+ParentFieldValue3+' '+mName+' '+ParentFieldValue5,
                Rank__c = String.valueOf(ParentFieldValue6),
                Gender__c = String.valueOf(ParentFieldValue7),
                Email__c = String.valueOf(ParentFieldValue8),
                Mobile_Number__c = String.valueOf(ParentFieldValue9),
                Department__c = String.valueOf(ChildFieldValue1),
                School__c = String.valueOf(ChildFieldValue2)));
            insert allocateList;




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