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I'm following the example shown on Peter Knolle's post here: https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/developer-relations/2015/03/lightning-component-framework-custom-events.html

When creating the contactSearch Component, I'm getting the following error:

"Failed to save undefined: No CONTROLLER named apex://mynamespace.ContactSearchController found: Source"

I'm not sure what I've missing - any thoughts?

I've tried to install the Force.com IDE on my Windows 7 32-bit laptop.  I have other eclipse-based IDEs installed and working fine on this machine.


After the install, the installer launches the IDE, but the window is titled "Eclipse Provisioning" and the install seems incomplete.  The Window menu just has a Preferences option, so I cannot switch to the Force.com Perspective.  The bottom of the window includes tabs for "Apex Test Runner" and "Execute Anonymous" that look like they're Force.com related, but I can't seem to do much else.


Has anyone else run into this problem?