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I recently installed Force IDE and am experiencing some frustrating issues around connectivity behind our corporate firewall. I have read the other posts and ensured that my proxy settings are correct. I have tried Force IDE on a Mac running Lion and on a Windows machine. I have also installed Eclipse and the Force plug-in on both the Mac and the Windows machine and none of the configurations work behind the firewall. Again, my proxy settings are correct. I have the Preferences->Network Connections Active Provider set to Manual and I have a Host and port defined for HTTP and HTTPS.


When I create a New Force Project, All the resources come down fine behind the firewall. I see all my classes, etc. Its when I go to make a change (I make a simple string change) and save it, I get 2 exceptions, a BuilderException (Unable to perform save on all files)  and a RetrieveException (Unable to perform conflict check). When I try to refresh from the server, the basic message I get is: "Unable to refresh resource xzy. Connection Refused." The stack traces in the logs are all java connection issues. I am running with java 1.6.  I was not able to pull anything out in the stack trace that would point me to the direction of a fix. 

I try the same exact changes at home, outside the firewall, and all is fine. Change gets saved and I am good to go. So, behind the Firewall, does not work, at home, works fine. I have compared my proxy settings with a co worker and they are exactly the same and his machine works fine.

An insight as to what might be causing this issue would be greatly appreciated!



Does anyone know if there is a new release coming up for IDE? Are there alternatives for force.com ide? 

  • September 28, 2011
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