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It would appear there is a bug with the Winter 14 release and visualforce pageBlockSectionItem. Below is the markup to reproduce:



		<apex:pageBlockSection >
				<apex:outputPanel >
					Choose whether to define the fields for this Map Object or whether to refer to another object 
					already configured. (e.g. for Opportunities, you may want to refer to the Account object). Referring to 
					another object means this object need not be geocoded and will use the referring object's information.
				<apex:outputPanel >

In Summer 13 it looked like this, correct:



In Winter 14 it looks like this:

  • September 12, 2013
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I have a VF page that I am using custom settings to return the field names of sobjects.  Now I want to use those field names as input fields on the page to allow users to enter values in them so that I can filter my data by those values.  Is this possible?


Right now I'm just getting the names, but can't figure out what method to use to get a field as an input.


Any ideas would be appreciated.