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Card2CRM for Salesforce iPhone app will convert business cards into Salesforce contacts and leads and much more.


Once the picture of the card is uploaded from the app, the card is manually transcribed with very high accuracy rate and the information is sent directly to your device. No need to deal with bad scanning software any more!

Once you get the contact data back, you can upload it to Salesforce as contact or lead, send a LinkedIn Invite, search on Google, save it to the iPhone, call/email/sms, and share with others

The app is free to download and you get your first 2 business cards delivered to your iPhone absolutely free!


Download link - http://bit.ly/yL0gOB


More information at www.infuzemobile.com and @InfuzeMobile




Hello all,

This might seem like a pretty elementary question but I can't seem to be able to figure out how to export data from Salesforce. On the help section, it says I'll need the "Apex Data Loader export wizard". Where do I find that and how do I install that?

Thank you.