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Hi ,
I am trying to solve the Getting Started with Hybrid Development Trailhead Challenge using Android Studio instead of using Android ADT plugin for Eclipse. 
I am able to create the project using Cordova , but the problem is instead of fetching Salesforce SDK plugins, cordova is fetching Java Whitlelist Plugins.
Hence, its not allowing me to complete the challenge.
An awesome mobile app architecture was described here with offline and sync feature : 
The App store offline data with SmartStore
Synchronization using SmartSync. 
And only example on Hybrid app, no Native.
After Searching, I only see SmartSync on Hybryd app sample. 
Can we using SmartSync on Native app ?
If not, It mean Native App only store offline, no synchronization. I think it's no reason for using salesfore :|.
If yes, please help me how to implement it on native. 
Many thanks


I have tried the mobile app development of Android.
When I tried a sample of native apps that are provided by SalesforceMobileSDK-Android the "FileExplorer", the following events will occur.
Please let me know If you know of a solution.
(A similar event. Would does not occur in the environment of everyone)

· When I repeat the login and logout, and stops remains white screen after login some time.
When I kill the app, I'll be able to log in again.

· When I have repeated several times login, the login screen is now also displayed after login. I will not be able to log in again, even if I kill the app occurs once.
As a result of the re-installation of the app, I will be able to log in again.

• Even if the check box of "save the user name" and the user name is not saved.

Possible Causes What.
Environment in which I have used is as follows.

Development environment: Eclipse 4.3
Salesforce MobileSDK 2.2.3
Target: Android 4.4.2
The Android 4.4.2: version of the model confirmed events
  • August 26, 2014
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We are testing our iOS app against the iOS 7 release coming out next month. We are having a lot of trouble with pushing the login buttons on the Salesforce login screen. The button touch surface seems too small to touch, although they look the same.


Have other people been having this problem with iOS 7 testing of the SalesforceSDK?



I am converting the Mobile SDK template project to ARC but it is not working. How does one use the Mobile SDK with automatic reference counting?




  • April 23, 2012
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Hi All,


Suppose I create one page using visualforce . Will  that page work for all the mobiles  or do I need to pass some 

parameters which is defined by Salesforce for creating mobile app .


I dont want to create mobile app .however , wanted to access the same page from diff

mobile device .will it create any issue ?




I am new to salesforce product. I am developing an application using Sencha Touch. I see a lot of references using VisualForce and Apex tools to developer pages interacting with database.

Is it possible to use ajax toolkit from sencha touch app?

I tried to use the connection.js library, but i am not able to login and i didn't see any documentation or tutorial on how to make this happen on sencha app or just html 5 app, unless it is iOs or Android app.

i've made reference to



i am wondering i need to add the token to the password


Can someone provide me with an example for sencha or html 5




   I hav installed android sdk on my windows desktop and now i would like to connect with salesforce. So can u provide any links to connect with salesforce.. 

 Thank you

  • February 02, 2012
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I am new to force.com and am trying to go through the workbooks. In the Mobile SDK workbook you are asked to use the workbench tool to import a schema file. I follow the directions, selecting the .zip file that I download, and it fails every time (problem: No package.xml found). What step am I missing?