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I have installed toolkit, deploy on sandbox and reproduce exactly the sample code schema extract.

I create the tab.

When I click on it, nothing happen, only white screen.

Where I am wrong ? Is there aditional paremeter to configure in this toolkit ? Is there setting in google side ?


Please help me, as we say in french "Je m'arrache les cheveux".




  • February 07, 2012
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I need to be able to drop and drop row within a table in Visualforce, can anyone give a pointer on how to implement this functionality. I use "pageBlockTable" component. I tried using custom JavaScript but not able to get to  <TR> from what "pageBlockTable" generates. Thanks in advance.


From what I understand to use the salesforce office connecter toolkit, it needs to be installed on each users computer and thats not a path I'm able to take. I was hoping I could communicate with the API using the WSDL file instead.

I have generated the WSDL and saved it down locally.

I'm trying to initialize with the following calls:


Dim soapObj As New SoapClient30 soapObj.MSSoapInit "C:\WSDL\Salesforce.wsdl"



Excel returns an error that this is an improper procedure call or argument.

If someone can shed some light on this - I'd really appreciate it.



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  • November 19, 2009
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