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Hi All,


When I click lookup now I am able to view only Recent Viewed Records instead of 'All records'

Please let me know your thoughts how to display all records when user clicks lookup.


Note: otherwise let me know how to remove  'Search Results' Layout from 'Search Layouts' section in Custom Object.


Thanks in Advance,




I need to constantly update the master field based on the detail field value i.e. a picklist field with multiple values.


Master Object > RMG_Employee_Master__c

Master Object Field > Proposal_Status__c


Child Object > Proposal__c

Child Object Field > Status__c



I am able to update the master field based on the detail field value. But how can  loop through the multiple detail records to set the value of one master field:


trigger proposalstatus on Proposal__c (after insert,after update)

   List<RMG_Employee_Master__c> opps = new List<RMG_Employee_Master__c>();
   List<ID> masterIds = new List<ID>();
   Map<ID, String> childDetailMap = new Map<ID, String>();
   for(Proposal__c c: Trigger.new)
      childDetailMap.put(c.RMG_Employee_Code__c, (c.Status__c));
    opps = [select id, Proposal_Status__c from RMG_Employee_Master__c where id in :masterIds];
   for(RMG_Employee_Master__c rem: opps)
      rem.Proposal_Status__c = childDetailMap.get(rem.id);
    if(opps.size() > 0)
     Update opps;

  • January 27, 2011
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Hi community,


I am trying to set up a custom domain: test.mycompany.com, I created a CNAME entry with my hosting service to point to mysite.force.com. After a few hours the CNAME entry was processed, I went to a CNAME lookup tool (I used this one: http://www.mxtoolbox.com/ ) to check and it came back like this:


TypeDomain NameCanonical Name

Does the CNAME look right to you? Why does it append the force.com site to my company domain name?


Went into Sites to enter in the Customer Web Address with test.mycompany.com but get this error message: 

Salesforce.com cannot validate the custom Web address you entered. The domain may not belong to you or the CNAME may still be processing (can take up to 24 hours). Try again later, or save the site without a custom Web address.


I must have done something wrong here I can't figure it out. Wondering if anyone can point me to the right direction?


Would really appreciate any help.





How can we Override the Save and Close button in case Object? or can we Remove this button from case edit page.