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Working with a large client that is using Ideas Base Theme.  We're having Pagination issues using the IdeaStandardSetController.  We are using the <ideas:listOutputLink> control to pass a status,sort, category, and communityId to navigate to our vforce page that lists the ideas that match the params.  The IdeaStandardSetController for the page seems to read the params for sort,category,community,and status fine and displays the proper ideas that match the parameters.  However, we're trying to display pagination at the bottom of the page that shows "Idea Page 1 of ###".  In order to determine the ### number we're doing a call to the controller.getResultSize() method but it always returns the number for the entire set of all ideas not taking into consideration the parameters for sort,category,status. So even when the IdeaStandardSetController only displays 1 record in the list the getResultSize() method still returns 700+ ideas.


Is this a problem with the IdeaStandardSetController or are we just not using it correctly to determine the number of ideas that fit the params?


Not a great way to start off a Monday morning. I have a very simple piece of code that should pass a param to the page controller but it is not working at all. I have tried using assignTo as well as ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters() but neither approach has worked. Below is a simple page and controller to reproduce.

<apex:page controller="param" >
<apex:commandButton value="Proceed to Upload" action="{!proceedToUpload}" id="uploadButton">
<apex:param name="uploadType" assignTo="{!uploadType}" value="org" id="param"/>

public class param {

public String uploadType {get; set;}

public pageReference proceedToUpload(){
return null;


Please tell me I am blind and this is a simple typo I have overlooked. If you don't mind could you try to reproduce this in your org.


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  • November 16, 2009
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